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The Turk gathers the parts to repair Cait Sith and rebuilds him. Reeve allows the Turk to use a backup controller to control Cait Sith while he attends a meeting. Vice President Rufus Shinra learns of the robot from Tseng and suggests it be used for reconnaissance. The Turk uses Cait Sith to infiltrate the Mako Reactor and retrieve the Materia, using the robot's prediction powers to find the correct doorways into the reactor core.

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As Hojo places Aeris and Red XIII in the same containment tank, Cloud's party rushes the lab and Red XIII feigns aggression against Aeris prompting Barret , one of Cloud's companions, to shoot at the tank, which malfunctions as a result. Hojo opens it and Red XIII lunges at him while the others rush to save Aeris. Red XIII introduces himself and surprises everyone with his ability to talk despite his feral appearance. Red XIII remarks the name is a designation given to him by Hojo, so they can call him what they wish, and helps the party battle another of Hojo's experiments. After being captured by the Turks, Red XIII is not returned to Hojo's lab, but incarcerated in a prison cell within the building alongside Barret, from which they soon escape.

Omega Massif / Mount Logan - Omega Massif / Mount LoganOmega Massif / Mount Logan - Omega Massif / Mount LoganOmega Massif / Mount Logan - Omega Massif / Mount LoganOmega Massif / Mount Logan - Omega Massif / Mount Logan